As an artist, it’s always important to keep the creative juices flowing. Too often we fall into the day-to-day routine and re-do the tried and tested.

It’s a great comfort knowing that we have a fallback to rely on when we’re in a bind, when we just don’t have the time to come up with something new or we’re having a “writer’s block” moment, but to improve our skills and to keep the passion for what we do alive, we need to constantly challenge ourselves.

One of the best parts of being an artist is coming up with concepts and being able to implement them! It allows you to get a dedicated team together, bounce ideas off of them and inspire each other to be better. As a photographer, it gives you an excuse to try out some new equipment (not that we ever need one) and also experiment with different lighting techniques and poses. You never want to try things for the first time while you’re at a wedding or during a session.

For this shoot we worked with Anuradha to style our Indian bride, Michelle, and Hiral for make up and hairstyling. We used the Waterford Banquet and Conference Center, a popular Chicago area venue for wedding and events, as our backdrop for our yearning bride.

Venue: Waterford Banquets, Elmhurst, IL
Hair/Makeup: Hiral Vyas
Stylist: Anuradha Kottidi
Model: Michelle
Photographer: Rahul Rana