I managed to take a trip up to Hatta last week and got some quality picture taking time with the beautiful landscape. It took about 3 hours to drive the 260 or so kilometres from Abu Dhabi city (about 2 hours from Dubai). Hatta - UAE - Landscape - Rahul Rana Photography

Situated between the Hajar Mountains, Hatta is a popular weekend spot for its cooler temperatures and lower humidity compared to the rest of the Emirates.

Although there isn’t much to do in the town, it does provide some magnificent views and great photo opportunities of the hills, mountains and landscape. It is also used as a base for off-road trips and dune bashing through the desert.

Hatta - UAE - Landscape - Rahul Rana Photography

The shorter way to Hatta takes you to a 20km stretch through Oman. Although there aren’t any visa requirements to get you past the checkpoints, you do need to have your passport with you. Some notable sites to visit in the area, The Hatta Fort, Hatta Rock Pools and the Hatta Dam. Definitely worth checking out for a couple of hours.

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