Rahul Rana



I like to capture images that tell a story and convey an emotion. Something as simple as a group of friends hanging out, a bride walking down the aisle or a rusty, leaky faucet all have the potential to tell us a story when creatively displayed.

I pride myself on being versatile in how I tell the story, always working with my clients on the style of photography that best suits their needs.  I try to be almost invisible on your special day. This allows me to capture real and raw emotions. You’ll never see a cheesy smile in my images.

As a professional photographer I spend a great deal of time with each client understanding their expectations. When there is a need for more traditional posed portraiture, my skills and understanding of lighting, the location and the subjects allow me to create the scene and set the mood for stunning images.

My number one priority as your photographer is to tell your unique story. Every wedding, family and couple are different and I take great honour in capturing moments out of time that you’ll enjoy and share with your family forever.