Hajerah Kyle | Chandelier Lobby | Drake Hotel Chicago | Fusion Wedding | Rahul Rana Photography
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Dawn & Abhi | Mavris Arts Center | Indianpolis Wedding | Rahul Rana Photography
Dawn & Abhi
Dawn & Abhi's wedding highlights at the Mavris Arts & Events Center in Indianapolis, IN.
Raw Images vs Hi-Res JPEG
A lot of people have come to me asking for a disc of RAW image files (for their wedding etc.). In most cases, what they really want is the High-Resolution JPEGs. So what's the difference? Asking for the RAW image file is akin to asking for the negatives from a film camera. You would have to have special equipment and a darkroom to be able to view and print the images. With digital files, you would need specialized software, like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, etc., to be able to view and edit the images. The RAW file format is a proprietary format specific to the camera manufacturer that sometimes may even vary with the model. JP ...
Puja Neel - Chicago Marriott O'Hare - Indian Wedding - Bride Groom Portraits - Rahul Rana Photography
Puja & Neel | A walk through the wedding day
A walkthrough Puja & Neel's wedding day starting with getting ready and then the ceremony and reception at the Chicago Marriott O'hare hotel.