Dawn & Abhi | Mavris Arts Center | Indianpolis Wedding | Rahul Rana Photography
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Pooja Krishna - Gujarati Wedding - Rahul Rana Photography - feat
Pooja & Krishna | Wedding
Highlights from Pooja & Krishna's wedding on McDonalds campus in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and photo session at BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir.
Sophia & Nidal | Nikkah
What a gorgeous day. Perfect for a round of golf. We set off along the greens of Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, MD to the first hole. Unfortunately it looks like someone forgot to tell them the dress code on the links. Although, they do both look great, so we'll let it slide this time around. So, we get to the tee and realise, they've forgotten to bring their clubs! Thus began the back and forth... "I told you to bring them!"... "But I thought you were going to!" But all is well in the end... I won't bore you with the details of the game, but it was obvious who came out victorious. Commiserations for the runner-up. ...
Sheetal Justin - Graha Shanti - San Antonio Indian Wedding Photography - Rahul Rana Photography
Sheetal & Justin | Graha Shanti
Highlights from Sheetal & Justin's Graha Shanti wedding ceremony held at the Schertz Civic Center in the San Antonio area. A Graha Shanti is a traditional Hindu ceremony, usually held the day of or the day before the wedding, in which the priest performs prayers to remove all obstacles and to provide the couple-to-be with prosperity and happiness. Typically, the bride's family holds a graha shanti for the bride while the groom's family does the same for the groom. Makeup by Leena Bajaj (Singar Studio) Decor by Dhoom Decorations Catering by Curry in a Hurry Indian Wedding Photography by Rahul Rana Photography