Avani Prat - Hyatt Regency O'Hare - Midwest Indian Wedding - Rahul Rana Photography
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Puja Neel - Chicago Marriott O'Hare - Indian Wedding - Bride Groom Portraits - Rahul Rana Photography
Puja & Neel | A walk through the wedding day
A walkthrough Puja & Neel's wedding day starting with getting ready and then the ceremony and reception at the Chicago Marriott O'hare hotel.
Perneet Jaspreet - Punjabi Jago - King Georges Post Ford New Jersey Indian Wedding - Photographer Rahul Rana - feat
Perneet & Jaspreet | Jago
Highlights from Perneet & Jaspreet's Jago ceremony at Royal Albert's Palace in Ford, New Jersey. The Punjabi Jago ceremony is usually held the day before the wedding on the Mehndi night to welcome the bride to the groom's home. Venue: Royal Albert's Palace, New Jersey. Videographer: Robles Video Productions. Indian Wedding Photographer: Rahul Rana Photography.
Marvi Adnan - St Louis Union Station Marriott rukhsati - Rahul Rana Photography
Marvi & Adnan | Rukhsati | Part 2
Here's part two of Marvi and Adnan's Rukhsati ceremony held at the St Louis Union Station Marriott. I loved the decor and the beautiful outfits that everyone wore. Along with the gorgeous venue, it made for some really great pictures!